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Friday, February 26, 2016

The presentation slides I used at the ECCU - Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update - are available for download at

The download volume has been steady and satisfying. The presentation Dr. Perez and I put together was titled "Fixing CPR: What's Wrong With CPR and What Do We Need To Do To Fix It?"

The comments and questions I've received from people at ECCU and from people who've accessed the slides online suggest there's a broad and growing interest in the topic and a greater understanding of what constitutes "Good CPR."

The rate has to be right, the depth has to be right, the recoil has to be right, the interruptions have to be limited, and the ventilations (if you are doing ventilations) can't be too fast or too slow.

And messing up on any one of those factors is enough to make sure that the victim stays dead or eventually gets discharged from the hospital in a state where the victim requires assistance to perform the activities of daily living.

I encourage any of you with an interest in the topic to download the slides, and don't hesitate to send your questions to - that's me.