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Sunday, February 16, 2014

There's an observation I make at the end of every Bystander CPR class that always gets a "startled look" response from the attendees. I tell them "Keep in mind that, now that you know CPR, you are no safer than you were before. It's the people you hang out with who are safer!"

Then I tell them to make a list of the people they hang out with and invite them over for a beer. When they get there, tell them you were just kidding about the beer - they are there to watch our class video and learn how to save each other, should they have a cardiac arrest or a stroke. (The class video is a free download. Go to and click on "For past trainees" in the left-hand column. It's currently in transition from the 2012 complete class video to the 2014 class video, and not all the 2014 modules are up yet. Watch the 2014 modules first and then fast-forward through those sections of the 2012 video.)

Teach your friends using our materials - it will re-enforce your understanding and will get you into a safer environment.