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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to maximize your chance of surviving a cardiac arrest.

Reflect for a moment that the lowest save rate for cardiac arrest victims is on a farm and the highest is at the Phoenix, AZ airport. It's not that farms are unhealthy and airports are not. Just look to the AHA chain of survival the CARES project, the Denmark study, and the Phoenix results for the answer.

The best chance of surviving comes when someone sees you go down, determines that you're non-responsive and not breathing, calls 911, immediately begins chest compressions, defibrillates within 2-3 minutes, and get picked up by the ambulance within a few more.

Thus, to improve your chances of surviving an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, someone else in your house has to know CPR and has to be there. But to really ring the bell, there has to be an AED in the home. This is taught by the Phoenix Airport's stunning "save with major brain function intact" average rate of 75%.

Before we get to the punch line, permit me to point out that your personal decision to get or to get current in your CPR training is not a matter that affects your survival chances - it affects the survival chances of those around you. Thus, it's your spouse whose opinion should weigh heaviest in the 'get trained or not' decision. If you decide to not get trained, you are playing Russian Roulette, but with the revolver pointed at someone else's head - most likely your spouse, family, or friends.

So here's the punch line: you really need to consider getting or refreshing your CPR training and purchasing an AED. Why purchase an AED? Because the ambulance / first responders / etc. can not get to your home within two minutes of the arrest, even if you live down the street from the ambulance station.

Free CPR, AED, & stroke recognition training is available in Chatham County, GA. See The average, fit person cannot perform adequate chest compressions for more than 2-3 minutes. SLICC can show you how to perform adequate chest compressions for ten minutes or more.

If you do not live in Chatham County, GA, contact about starting a similar organization where you live.

YOU can help, seriously.

My sympathy to the family and friends.

This tragedy underscores the urgent need for having an AED and at least two trained persons at every athletic contest or practice. You can help by writing to the school authorities and advocating this. You can help even more by raising the funds to support this.

Tragedy as Hagley teen collapses and dies during rugby match

By Sarah Beard 21/03 Updated: 24/03 08:52
Read more: Tragedy as Hagley teen collapses and dies during rugby match | Bromsgrove Standard 

A HAGLEY teenager has died after his heart stopped beating during a school rugby match.
Luke Chapman, 16, collapsed on the pitch at around 4.30pm, yesterday (Tuesday) and members of the public carried out CPR, until ambulance crews arrived and continued resusicitation attempts.
He was airlifted to Birmingham Children's Hospital from the field at Baxter College, Kidderminster, but was confirmed dead shortly after arrival.
The youngster, from Haybridge High School, Hagley, was playing in a match against the Habberley Road college.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service, spokesperson, said: "Crews arrived to find the boy was not breathing and advanced life support was carried out at the scene.
"Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of ambulance crews and hospital staff, nothing could be done to save the boy and he passed away shortly after arriving at hospital."
Caroline Hoddinott, Luke's headteacher, said: "As a school we have experienced a tragic loss.
"Our thoughts are with family and friends.
"Thank you for all your support and prayers at this time."
Luke had affilliations with Worcester Warriors and Worcester RFC.
A statement was issued by the players and staff of Worcester Warriors and the president, chairman, committee and members of Worcester Rugby Football Club.
In it, they expressed sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Luke, who was an aspiring rugby player.
"Our immediate thoughts are with the family at this very sad time.
"We would also like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to his school friends, his rugby club and the team they were playing.
"All parties have a close relationship with Worcester Warriors.
"Such sad news has a devastating impact on everyone involved in rugby and the news of such a tragic loss has devastated our entire rugby community," the statement added.
Since the tragedy, dozens of tributes have been posted on Luke's Facebook wall and more than 1,600 people have already
joined the 'RIP Luke Chapman' memorial page created on the social network site.
Emily Wilkinson said: "I've only known you since year 7 but it feels like I've known you my whole life.
"I haven't stopped crying since I found out, but every tear I have cried, has been worth it. I will miss you so much."
Dan Sinfield said: "RIP mate, all I can say is you were my best mate and I loved you, you will always be in my mind ?."
And Ben Clarke simply asked: "Why you? ? ? ?."
On the memorial page, one comment stated: "I walked into school and there was total silence.
"So heartbreakingly sad, yet so inspiringly beautiful. So much respect for a great lad."

Read more: Tragedy as Hagley teen collapses and dies during rugby match | Bromsgrove Standard