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Monday, July 27, 2015

It's been a while. My last post was just after presenting our research on the prevalence and magnitude of "leaning" at the AHA's Resuscitation Science Symposium. ("Leaning" is having too much (more than 1.5 pounds) of force on the sternum at the top of the "full recoil" up-stroke when performing chest compressions.

In the past eight months SLICC has...
- Invented a Force Meter that permits the user to:
-- Discover the percentage of the adult population to which a person can administer compliant CPR
-- Measure the instantaneous rate of chest compressions
-- Measure leaning, the residual force on the sternum at the top of the 'full recoil' stroke.
- Invented a device that keeps on clicking when the leaning is within the safe limit (1.5#)
- Been invited to speak at ECCU about how CPR is broken and what we need to do to fix it.
- Had a paper on Heel Compressions vs Manual Compressions published in the AJEM
- Measured the CPR capacity, rate, and leaning of 383 Healthcare Professionals (anonymously)

Currently, we're trying to invent a BVM that cannot be operated more than 10 times per minute.

No offence, but this is so much more fun than playing golf.

...and that's why it's been eight months since I last posted.