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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. Go to and watch the one minute video. That will make the people around you safer.
2. Get 10 of your family members and friends and acquaintances - the people you spend most of your time with - to watch the video. That will make YOU safer.
3. Go to Download SLICC's 35 minute class video and watch it. That will round out and re-enforce your CPR skills. That will really make the people around you safer if they have a cardiac arrest, a choking emergency, or a stroke.
4. [I'll bet you could see this coming...] Forward the SLICC class video link to 10 family / friend / acquaintance type people and get them to watch it. That will make YOU a lot safer.

If you have bad hips / knees / arthritis and can't get down on the floor skip step 1. The SLICC class video has a solution regarding how to perform CPR, even if you are 'blessed' with bad knees, hips, hands, etc.

Thank you.