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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybe this need not have happened...

Whether a person survives a cardiac arrest hinges upon the presenting cardiac rhythm and the quality of bystander CPR.

The presenting rhythm frequently depends upon the promptness of assessment .

Get trained, get involved, be the solution!


A 16-year-old from Toronto has died while playing basketball in the gym at a high school in Aspen, Colorado.

Quinn Issiah Everring was participating in the Aspen Basketball Academy on Monday when he collapsed.

Police and and emergency crews were called and a bystander tried to revive him using CPR but their efforts failed.

Mark Moore, a family friend, said Tuesday the teen was excited about the camp.

"This was the first time that he actually went away," said Moore. "It was his mom's friend that invited him to come for a week, so he left on Saturday to do a full Monday to Friday basketball camp."

Everring had just finished grade 10 at Northern Secondary. He loved basketball and football and he played the saxophone.

He was also his mother's only child. The two, according to Moore, were inseparable.

"I refer to them as almost a brother and sister team, the way they moved. Wherever he was, she was," he said.

The Aspen Daily News says the official cause of death will be released by the Pitkin County Coroner's Office following the completion of an autopsy.