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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It makes a huge difference

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Posted on April 29, 2011 at 6:31 PM

Get well cards line the dining room table of Bob and Donna Herrick's home in Northwest Austin.
“It warms your heart to realize that people care that much,” said Donna Herrick.

Calls of concern keep pouring in for Bob. “I'm doing a lot better,” he said. “ I appreciate your call.”

On Thursday, April 28, Bob just finished washing windows at the Starbucks located at Anderson Lane and Rockwood in North Austin. He was walking to his van when he collapsed in the parking lot.

Lauren Jones, a former cardiac nurse, was inside. Jones and two other people, a Starbucks manager and another customer, rushed to help.

“Bob was not breathing,” explained Jones. “He was blue. He had no pulse. Carrie continued to give CPR and I relieved her.”
The women continued CPR until paramedics arrived.

“I continued to tell him, 'Donna [his wife] is coming, and she needs to see you,'” said Jones. “You need to stay with us.”
Jarrod Frame is one of the medics who responded to the call. He says every minute that passes without CPR reduces the victim's chances of survival.

“It's critical when we have bystander CPR,” said Frame. “It gives us a head start and gives the patient a much better outcome.”
Doctors say Herrick suffered from cardiac arrest -- the sudden or abrupt loss of heart function. It is not the same as a heart attack.

Herrick is 69 years old. His doctors have since installed a pace maker.
“With the implant I'll never have to worry of that ever happening again,” said Herrick.

For Donna Herrick the scare of losing her husband, her life partner, is beyond words. “There are no words that I can say that convey how much we appreciate what they did for myself and my family,” she said. “It makes me feel really good and especially during a time when people would just walk away or not get involved,” said Bob Herrick.

People -- total strangers -- did get involved. It was their quick thinking and kindness that helped save Bob's life.

He is being put on a strict exercise regimen. He will also help his wife run their window washing business from home.