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Sunday, February 23, 2014

did you ever stop to think about how?

One of the recommendations one hears in CPR class sessions is "Get the victim on their back on a hard, flat surface."

Recognizing that two thirds of all arrests in the U.S.A. occur in the home, you are going to fit into one of the categories below.

  1. I can physically pick up my spouse and place him or her on his or her back on a hard, flat surface, and my spouse can do the same for me.
  2. I am the only adult in my home.
  3. One of us can pick up the other and get him or her onto his or her back on a hard, flat surface.
  4. Neither one of us can do that.
OK. Those of you who fell into group 1 or 2 can skip the rest of this. Those who are in groups 3 or 4 really need to watch I can painfully testify that my 113 pound wife can get my 185 pound body out of a recliner or out of a bed and onto the floor without a problem.

If you are interested in the entire video, go to and click on "For past trainees" in the left column. The Intro and the Adult CPR segments are the only 2014 videos, but the entire 2012 video is up there, as well. SLICC's instructional videos assume that you will be a "lone rescuer."