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Monday, January 9, 2012

Consider HCM Screening, AED at games?

Teenage footballer dies after scoring goal

A 13-year-old schoolboy died after scoring a goal during a football match in Staffordshire.

Liam Wood collapsed on the pitch just after he had scored a fifth goal for AFC Saints.

The match was on playing fields off Cotswold Avenue in Knutton, near Newcastle-under-Lyme, on Sunday morning.

Liam was resuscitated by people at the game and was then put in an ambulance. He died later in hospital.

Geoff Green, the manager of the opposition team, Stafford Falcons, said: "Liam scored a goal and he was running back up the pitch celebrating, when he just collapsed, fell to the floor.

"After a short period of time, he wasn't coming round - it looked as though he'd stopped breathing - so we started giving him mouth to mouth and CPR, at which time the ambulance was called as well."

Mr Green said that the ambulance arrived quickly.

"It upset everybody... it was just a shame that there was nothing we could do at the time, more than what we could have done. It all happened so quick."