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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two things about this story are outrageous.

First, why did the tent-mates have to "notify the NPS Mountaineering Patrol" to get CPR going?
Second, where was the AED?

If you read the last two paragraphs in the article, you will see "According to Reuters new service, it was the fifth climber death this season on McKinley, North America's tallest peak, and the eighth climber death this season in Denali National Park."

Doesn't that take you a bit by surprise?



Former Post Falls man dies on Mount McKinley
Brian Young succumbs after reaching peak

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 12:00 am
By BILL BULEY/Staff writer

A Post Falls High School graduate who died after climbing Mount McKinley on Friday was praised as an adventurer and someone who always had a kind word for others.

Brian Young, 52, died of an apparent heart attack Friday morning after descending from the summit of Mount McKinley, according to the National Park Service.

The Kodiak, Alaska, man was pronounced dead Friday at the mountain's high camp at the 17,200-foot level.

Young had just completed an arduous 20-hour summit day to the peak's 20,320-foot summit and back and was back in camp to sleep when he suddenly stopped breathing, the Park Service said.

The tent mates immediately notified the NPS mountaineering patrol stationed at high camp who began CPR. Young was pronounced deceased at 11 a.m. by an NPS volunteer physician assistant at high camp.

Tammie Peacock of Hayden graduated with Young from Post Falls High School in 1977.

She recalled he was always upbeat, kind and never in a bad mood.
"I don't recall him ever having a bad word for anyone," she said Monday.

Peacock said people who knew Young were surprised at his death and considered it a great loss. Young was an athlete in high school, ran track, and stayed in good shape.

"It's hard to believe," she said.

Dave Walker of Coeur d'Alene wrote on Facebook that his wife was a PFHS class of '77 graduate.

"He was an adventurer and summiting Denali on the last day of his life is better than how a lot of people go," Walker wrote. "You'll be remembered Brian."

Young's body will be recovered from high camp when weather permits, a release said.

According to Reuters new service, it was the fifth climber death this season on McKinley, North America's tallest peak, and the eighth climber death this season in Denali National Park.

The McKinley climbing season generally runs from late April until early July. About 1,200 to 1,300 people climb the mountain each year.


When I am in a school, I ask about AED's - how many they have, where they are, whether or not they are public access units, and whether the AED's are taken to the scene of all sports competitions AND PRACTICES.

Too often, the units are locked in the nurses' offices - even when the nurse is not there. It's increasingly common for me to learn that the AED goes with the sports teams to games, but I have yet to encounter a school where there is an AED at athletic practice sessions.

I'll check with the author of the article below to see if she'll follow up on this one.



High school athlete dies
Caroline student who died at AAU basketball practice remembered by classmates, teachers.
Date published: 6/14/2011

Caroline High School student David Jones died doing what he loved to do--playing basketball.

Jones, who recently completed his sophomore year, collapsed in the high school gym Sunday afternoon soon after starting practice for his AAU basketball team.

A cause of death has not been determined pending an autopsy.

Those who knew Jones said basketball was his passion.

"He was in love with basketball," said Antoine Johnson, who was his coach for basketball and track, and his geometry teacher. "In class, even in track, all he talked about was basketball. And when he walked into a room, everybody knew he was there. He was just the type of person everyone wanted to be around."

Jones, known by his classmates as Brooklyn, had moved to Caroline County about seven months ago from New York. He lived with his grandparents in Bowling Green.

He played junior varsity basketball and ran track for Caroline High in the few months that he attended.

Caroline Principal Harper Donahoe said Jones was a well-liked, popular student at school. He said he had a sports physical on file that made him eligible to play high school sports, and there was no indication that he had any health problems.

"It's a tragic thing. We don't know what happened," he said. "The coaches noticed right away that he was nonresponsive and began CPR and called 911."

Carroll Moore, who runs the AAU team called the Caroline County Ballers, said Jones had joined the team less than two weeks ago.

His wife, Crystal Smith-Moore, said practice for the boys team had started about 5 p.m. After about 15 or 20 minutes, she said the boys were given a water break.

"They told them to take a 15-minute water break, and he just collapsed," Smith-Moore said. "All of the team and parents witnessed everything. The team is devastated. It's just a horrible experience and unfortunate for everyone."

Members of the track team last night said Jones always had a smile on his face and said the most hilarious things at the oddest times.

"It's a tough loss because we played basketball and ran track together," said rising junior Bevontae Morris. "It's hard to lose somebody that you just became so close with."

Track coach Sanberry Harvey remembered Jones as a good kid who tried to talk himself out of any situation.

"The only reason he was doing track was so that he could stay in shape for basketball," Harvey said. "He'd try to shortcut [track] if he could, but he did what he had to do after I got on him. I'm really going to miss him."

Funeral arrangements are expected to be held in New York, but a vigil may be held locally, Donahoe said. Jones' parents were en route to Caroline yesterday.

This is the second straight year for tragedy at the end of the Caroline High academic year.

Exactly a year and one day earlier, Caroline High School student Chelsea Herring was killed in a car accident in Spotsylvania County.

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