Lightning Critically Injures Southwind High Student
  • Southwind High School student
    critically injured by lightning
  • Bolt hit her in the arm,
    torso and went down
    through both legs
  • Concerned parent
    administered CPR to help
    bring her back to life

(Southeast Shelby County, 8/09/2010)
"Instinct! Instinct! I didn't think about anything other than
saving this child's life."

With a teenage girl's life on the line, Danette Bingham's
emergency training kicked in.

"I went over to check on the child and she was blue."

She wasn't breathing and had no pulse.

Lightning had taken the life out of the Southwind
High School student's body.

Bingham fought to bring it back.

"I checked her pulse and immediately
started doing CPR on the little girl.

Bingham showed us where the high school girl
collapsed behind the school.

She continued the compressions,
hoping the girl would breathe again.

For one brief moment there was hope.

"I heard a gurgling sound." Bingham said
"hopefully she was coming back."

Emergency crews arrived eleven minutes
after they got the call.

Shelby County fire officials say lightning hit the
Southwind senior in her arm and torso area,
then travelled down through both legs.

"We found the patient in full arrest," explained
Shelby County Fire Department spokesman Brent Perkins. "The firefighters and paramedics
got right to work and applied heroic efforts through CPR. Thank goodness right now we can say
she's still with us."

Charles Esaw is one of the young lady's many
friends and schoolmates who were around after school
watching Bingham perform CPR, hoping their friend would survive.

"In the car there were like five of us we were praying."

Bingham is just glad she pulled up and
was able to hop out and help in time after picking up her daughter Erica Hayslett.

"I thought about my child and I would have wanted someone to do the same for my daughter."

We know the name of the young lady who was injured. We're not releasing her name and picture out of respect for the family.