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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football player watches his team win after dying of a sudden cardiac arrest.

[ NB: There's more than a ten percent chance that you'll witness a family member or friend have a sudden cardiac arrest someday As you read the story below, think about how you will feel if that person stays dead because you didn't know what to do. Bob] (from It's been four months since Breaux Bridge High School Sophomore Teddrick Lewis was on the football field. He went into cardiac arrest during a practice in May. Teddrick is not playing ball anymore but Friday nights, he's back on the field with his team and he has his coaches to thank for it. "Last thing I remember, I was on a helicopter," Teddrick recalled. "I was just hearing noise and breathing funny." The Breaux Bridge sophomore collapsed on the field and became unresponsive. After that, his memory went hazy. Coach Paul Broussard had just seconds to act. "When we got to him, he was on his stomach so we rolled him over and our first thought was he was having a seizure," Coach Broussard said. But it wasn't a seizure. Teddrick was going into cardiac arrest. Coach Broussard's training immediately kicked-in as he started giving Teddrick CPR. Another coach grabbed a portable defibrillator. "It was hard to realize what had happened," Coach Broussard said of the situation. Today, Teddrick can no longer play any contact sports, but that's not keeping him from being with the team and the coach who helped save his life. "I'm always telling my coaches 'thank you for saving my life.'" Teddrick says, "without them, I wouldn't be here right now." And Tedderick is not only thankful for his coaches but Breaux Bridge also walked away with a win Friday night at Comeaux High.